American-made by American Paws!
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about our materials

You can trust that we work hard to find the best "ingredients" when making our collars! We spend a lot of time and care to find materials of superior quality. 

about our LEATHER

We are pleased to use premium English Bridle Leather for our collars. Our leather is not only from American cattle, but each hide is vegetable tanned in Pennsylvania, USA. English Bridle leather has been chosen for it's consistent color and texture, smoothness, flexibility, and durability.
Click here to see the care taken to prepare the leather hides we use to make our collars!

vegetable tanned leather for dog collars


After years of our customers requesting a leather alternative (“Vegan” leather), we have found a great solution: BioThane®

Whether you are a “leather snob” or not, you’ve gotta appreciate that this impressive material is made in Ohio, USA.

What is it?

“It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain. It is also readily available in different colors.”

waterproof dog collars


There is no arguing with the Superior Sparkle and Class of Swarovski Crystals! Your super important dog deserves nothing less!!! So, of course, our collars are 
girl dog collars with swarovski crystals


 about our SPOTS, DOTS, and STUDS 

All of our metal spots and dots are manufactured in Massachusetts, USA. Whether you want shiny Nickel or Antiqued Copper studs, it makes us happy to support American manufactures every time we set one of these accents into your new collar! ... and we get the “gems” and “stones” and over 50% of our conchos from American companies.


There is a great company here in our home state of Colorado which offers great shipping supplies!!! We ship your pup's awesome new collar in super smart boxes and mailers! There are NO new materials used in the crafting of these ridiculously green shipping boxes! Oh yeah, and the packing tape is biodegradable, so the Carbon PawPrint is minimized.  :)
Click here to see the awesome story of EcoEnclose!

recycled boxes to ship dog collars


Obviously, some of our conchos are not made in the USA, as it is difficult to find enough hardware produced by American manufacturers. But we are very excited that our line has so many styles ~~ You can find a collar that is just right for every dog lifestyle and personality.

Do you manufacture hardware in the USA that would be great on our collars? Contact us with your info!