American-made by American Paws!
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About Us

We love leather, stone, metal, wood, burlap.... just about anything with texture!
What we are great at, though, is leather.
Bryan has over twenty years of experience in the leather industry.
So when we decided to build a business, leather crafting was an obvious choice.
A lot of dog collar companies say their company was born to care for a dog-
Ruff Puppies Collars was born as a way to care for our family, land, and community.
(...but the collar focus did begin when we made a collar for our doodle, Molly.)
The desire to begin our own company was to create a way to
balance our ideals and opportunities and abilities.
All of our products are handmade from high quality California Latigo leather, which is then oil tanned, making our collars comfortable for your dog and more beautiful over time.
* Family first * Happiness in simplicity * Commitment to quality * American industry*
Our property in Southwest Colorado is conducive to creativity---
lots of cliffs with a river running through.
We were lucky to be able build a workshop by our home.
*Bryan has a talent for creating things, whether it is landscaping or making dog collars.
When we say "handmade" we really do mean that he
starts with a leather hide and goes from there!
*I (Jess) do none of the leather work, but help design in the shop
and am a die-hard people and pet pleaser.
As you browse through our shop, we hope you can see a little of our
passion in our people and pet products.
Ultimately, we want you to find a collar (or two) to show your love for your dog!
Bryan and Jess Hargett