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What size collar do I buy?
How long will it take to receive my order?

We make every collar (belt, lead, bracelet) after the order, so our average turn-around time is 2-3 weeks. You'll get the tracking # when we ship.

Do you offer a warranty?

Of course, we stand behind our products! Our collars should be worn every day- on walks, in rivers, and snuggling with the family. *If an ornament falls off due to regular wear, send it back and we’ll put on a new one! *If hardware fails, send it back and we will repair or replace it and get it back to you. We want to know that happy dogs everywhere are wearing our collars. Talk to us and we will make it right! (But if your dog, or his friends, chew on the collar, we can’t unchew that.)

What are your shipping policies?

All orders are shipped USPS, either 1st class or Priority.

Domestic: Please expect your order in 3-5 days after we ship it. (We will send you a tracking # when it leaves our shop!)

International: We can provide a USPS tracking number, but please allow 2-3 weeks for international shipment delivery, depending on your region.

Are your collars waterproof?

Our dogs swim in their collars almost every day, BUT wet leather will stretch if your dog pulls on it. We use English Bridle leather for it's texture, smoothness, flexibility, and durability. After swimming, let it dry naturally on your dog OR lay it flat and out of direct sunlight. As your collar wears, the color of the leather will begin to vary over time. (Usually, leather will darken as it absorbs natural oils from your dog.) In general: Water will darken the color, sun will lighten the color.

Do you have colored leather?

Not now, but probably not never. We are particular about our supplies, and most colored leather doesn’t meet our standards. When we find genuine top-grain colored leathers that are available in a strong weight for your dog, dyed through (rather than just painted on the top layer), and from a trustworthy source, we will add them to our line!

***In the meantime, add some colorful studs, spots, or crystals to accent your leather collar!

Please email or call with further questions/comments!

What are your exchange/return policies?

*ALL EXCHANGES MUST BE AUTHORIZED FIRST BY CONTACTING US. ~Any exchanges due to incorrect sizing are subject to the following terms:
(1) Item may only be exchanged for the SAME product in a different size ~no switching styles, colors, etc~
(2) There is a 25% restocking fee.
(3) Goods must be in like-new condition. ~We are unable to exchange items with custom nameplates.
In some cases, resizing the collar may be an option. Please contact us to see if we can make that work.


Do you make people stuff?

Yes! We make lots of people stuff! It isn't on the site yet, but get in touch and we will hook you up.