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~waterproof~ Topeka (1" wide)

$ 52.00

This custom, Texas style waterproof dog collar is great for the dog with a big image! 

The 1" wide collar fits neck sizes 16" to 24",  The making it an ideal choice for a strong medium to large dog. 

We are excited about the leather alternative! It is super strong, flexible, waterproof, washable, stink-proof, vegan, and colorful (and manufactured in Ohio, USA!).

 We are picky about our ingredients:

  • The buckles are solid brass 
  • D-rings are cast ( vs. welded) so even the strongest dog can’t pull them apart.
  • BioThane® coated webbing has a flexible substrate core bonded with a TPU or PVC outer coating for protection. BioThane® has been leading the coated webbing industry since 1977. this coated webbing has proven durability in applications where safety, cleanability, flexibility and strength are critical. It is a trusted brand in national sports leagues to international space and military organizations. 

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